Our Products & Services

Owner Connect services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your store with the expectation of increasing lead conversion, strengthening customer loyalty, and growing profitability.

Why Retailers Choose Owner Connect

With over 30 years of industry expertise, Owner Connect knows what it takes to run an effective BDC. We have helped thousands of retailers build their own operations, and many more outsource their teams to us in Illinois. We value partnerships and put retailers first. We WIN when our Partners WIN. No long-term contracts, no upselling, no add-on services - just simple support to help improve your operations.

BDC Partnership

The Virtual BDC service gives the ability to outsource all of the Dealer Partner's customer engagement needs. Sales or Service, the Owner Connect Virtual BDC is built to handle every lead opportunity. Supporting automotive, RV, motorcycle, and marina retailers, we GUARANTEE our Virtual BDC team will increase lead conversion and improve your team's profitability. We succeed when our partners win.

Service & Sales Training

Owner Connect provides sales & service personnel with the necessary tools to master sales-based communications. Utilizing proprietary materials, our professional training staff runs your team through over one hundred hours of course curriculum, which ensures a quality foundation for sustained success.

Text Cultivation

Digital marketing is at the heart of what drives sales in the 21st century. Every retailer will readily tell you that customers are now more elusive than ever before. Because of this, sales and BDC teams must utilize every form of communication to effectively connect with customers. Text cultivation is a 100% independent, proprietary technology utilized by Owner Connect to individually engage customers separate from your existing CRM.

Staff Recruiting

Operating a successful store requires quality inventory, brand awareness, and dedicated team members. Failure to execute on any one of these objectives often means a retailer will struggle to accomplish their goals. In today's climate, identifying, recruiting, and onboarding qualified team members can be especially difficult considering most retailers do not have a dedicated person to find future talent. Owner Connect Talent Acquisition & Placement services remove the burden of finding your next employee.

Marketing & Branding

Consumers identify with brands they know and trust. Regardless of the transaction, consumer behavior continually demonstrates that potential buyers return to a brand they are comfortable with. In today's competitive marketplace, retailers are forced to compete for the attention of consumers like never before. Owner Connect's Marketing & Brand Enhancement service is a comprehensive solution to increase lead volume and improve awareness while reducing unnecessary spending and enhancing consumer retention.

Event Hosting

Generating buzz, energy, and customer interest in visiting your showroom isn't the easiest task. There are several factors which contribute to the lack of floor traffic and often throwing money at the marketing department just gives you more of what you already have. The Owner Connect Special Event Hosting service is a unique, flat-fee product that provides a fully customized event planning product to specifically increase customer awareness, traffic, and ultimately conversion for your sales and service departments.

Research & Data Analysis

Today's retailers sit atop a gold mine of data; however, they often fail to realize its full potential. There are lead lists, CRMs and data inventories, consumer information and daily reporting that detail so much about business trends, but too often this information goes unused. Owner Connect's Research & Data Analysis service provides strategic inventory and evaluation so your team can make more effective business decisions, improve conversion, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.