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Sales & Service Virtual BDC

The Sales and Service Virtual BDC product offerings from Owner Connect provide retailers with the ability to outsource all customer engagement needs, appointment setting and profitability enhancement.

                                                 Customer engagement
                                                 Business development
                           = The engine that drives success for your store

The Owner Connect  Sales & Service VBDC services are the perfect solution to ensure you achieve your lead conversion and performance objectives.


*Increased Customer Distraction
*Saturated Market Conditions
*Insufficient Talent Pool

Today's consumers are bombarded every second of the day with personal obligations, professional responsibilities, social media and more. Maintaining a streamlined customer engagement strategy is the most effective way retailers can help cut through the noise and connect with consumers.

1 Product, 2 Options

Customized for Your Team

We understand no two dealership teams are created alike. That's why Owner Connect provides retailers with two unique product lines for our Sales & Service Virtual BDC partnerships:

Traditional Model - The Traditional Sales & Service VBDC provides retailers with "bell to bell" coverage, intense customer engagement & commitment to quality lead conversion at a fixed monthly fee. This product is best designed for retailers who do not have existing BDC operations.

Just Results Model - The Just Results Sales & Service VBDC focuses on appointment to sold conversion only. While adhering to the Owner Connect lead management plan, the Just Results product prioritizes appointment to sold conversion over general engagement. This product is best designed.

                                        *Sales Virtual BDC
                                         *Service Virtual BDC
                                         *Just Results BDC


Partnership -

The key ingredient to building a strong Virtual BDC is a shared vision between Owner Connect and your Sales Department. Our goals are always aligned and we work hard to gain your trust.

Results -

The mission is clear, drive traffic to your team so they can best serve consumer interest. Transparent performance reporting is at the center of our VBDC team.

Efficiency -

There is a great deal of waste in today's dealerships. Too often internet and BDC teams focus on low-hanging opportunities, we will change that and allow you to repurpose those resources.

Synergy -

We act as an extension of your sales department. We are not a random third party dialing team, we operate with the same integrity and performance standards as if we were onsite.

Industry, OEM Support

Owner Connect has partnered with more than 2,000 across North America, Australia and Europe. Our tailored solutions ensure quality engagement everyday increasing contact rate, appointment volume, store traffic and profitability.

Owner Connect Sales and Service Virtual BDC is compatible with every retailer regardless of location or size.

Since our launch, our team has had the pleasure of working with every OEM throughout North America.

Performance Standards

Contact Rate - A systematic approach using phone, email and text ensures all assigned lead sources reach 60% threshold.

Customer Mining - You spend a lot generating new leads which is why we value every opportunity. We devote attention to all.

Appointment Drive - Based on the number of agents and assigned leads, the OC VBDC staff is expected to deliver at least one appointment per hour.

Showrate - Appointments are not worth much if they do not show. The OC VBDC ensures quality show rates at a 50% minimum rate.

Sold Conversion - Driving customers to purchase their next vehicle at your store is the name of the game - we will deliver a 50% conversion.

Referral Creation - Customer engagement can be more than working the leads you already have but it takes a skilled team to do self-generation.

Our Advantage

The number one reason retailers rely the Owner Connect Sales and Service Virtual BDC instead of other providers is our comprehensive approach to building a product that actually works.

No upselling, no complicated agreements, our team lives in your CRM and is an extension of your dealership group. We value creativity, we build a product that meets your needs not the other way around.


Impact on
Today's Retailers

Working with Owner Connect has been a terrific experience. Their Virtual BDC team has eliminated reduced our overhead by 30% each month, while dramatically increasing our customer engagement and lead conversion.

The Owner Connect VBDC staff is always available, constantly communicates with my sales team and is trusted partner for our store.

John Hall

Prestige Ford (FL)

We routinely rely on the expertise, energy and consultation of Joni and the Owner Connect training staff.

Whether its teaching a new team, onboarding personnel or conducting quarterly workshops, the Owner Connect training is a great resource for all your training needs.

Honorio Diaz

Raymond Chevrolet (IL)

Creating a buzz for our dealership can be a challenge due to competition and customer distractions. The event hosting and branding campaign by Owner Connect is a wonderful resource to generate customer interest and foot traffic for our store.

The Owner Connect staff is organized, partners great with service department and always delivers.

Preston Meyer

Star Auto Group (KS)


Other Products

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