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Let Us Put You in the Express Lane to Sales

Regular Training Is the Key to Staying Competitive

Remaining viable within the increasingly competitive automotive industry demands continuous customer engagement, lead cultivation and prospective customer development. And these require sales and service professionals to be at their best.

How do you achieve this? Following a consistent, organized, car sales training program that ensures personnel understand, embrace and execute the right techniques can be the difference between growing your business and falling behind the competition.

Owner Connect’s Training & Education Programs

Our effective programs combine communication skill training, lead management strategy and customer engagement techniques to improve your team’s ability to manage daily responsibilities, improve rapport-building skills and increase efficiency.

We take great pride in making sure our materials, team members and courses provide the greatest impact to our retailer partners. That’s why we continually audit, revise and update our courses.

How Our Automotive Sales Training Programs Work

Training, coaching and educating your team is a process, and Owner Connect believes every training program is a partnership between our two teams. To ensure your team receives the best outcome, we follow a detailed partnership strategy committed to delivery, inspection and performance monitoring.

  1. Select the specific curriculum for each group of personnel.
  2. Schedule sessions in-house, virtually or at our headquarters in suburban Chicago.
  3. Choose single sessions, quarterly support or monthly partnership packages.
  4. Receive all training materials as well as enrollment in our Virtual Training Academy.

Pick Your Own Curriculum from Our Course Catalog

The objective of our coursework is to improve employee professional skill sets, which will improve your retailer’s efficiency, quality of customer engagement and — most importantly — profitability.

Our subjects include the following:

General Coursework

This track combines industry development-based courses to increase industry awareness and improve universal employee skill sets. Eligible employees include retailer leaders, sales and service staff, BDC team members and administrative personnel.

BDC Coursework

The BDC curriculum offers an in-depth review of critical initiatives in the areas of performance management, time and customer engagement, scripting and word tracks. We encourage general managers, BDC managers and personnel, and sales and service staff to participate.

Sales Team Coursework

This program offers sales team professionals a comprehensive plan for customer interaction, lead management, conversion techniques, leveraging technology and much more. General and sales managers, and new and used car managers are also encouraged to attend.

Service Team Coursework

Designed for service department team members and operations personnel as well as service BDC agents, this track provides attendees an in-depth review of critical initiatives in the areas of customer engagement, lead management, up-selling and brand loyalty development.

Executive Leadership Coursework

This curriculum provides attendees an in-depth review of critical initiatives in the areas of delegation, decision making, team building and much more. Recommended participants are those responsible for departments, retailer performance and managing other employees.

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