Digital Marketing

Helping Our Partners Manage Their Digital Spend

Effective Retailer Marketing Strategies

Retailers today are investing more of their annual marketing budgets in digital advertising, marketing and management than ever before. However, many of these retailers are not adequately trained or they rely on generic agencies — not those specific to the automotive industry — to manage their digital marketing for them. If that describes your approach to digital marketing, you need Owner Connect!

We partner with you to devise a better strategy for marketing and selling automotives. You choose from several automotive digital marketing packages so you get the best strategy for your retailer’s culture and operations. Plus, we can customize each package so you get exactly what you need and want. Contact us to learn more about each of our retailer marketing partnership packages.

Automotive Digital Marketing for Retailers

Partner with Owner Connect and our experienced retailer marketing team will manage your digital marketing while maximizing your ROI. We help you advertise on and post to social media, manage your reputation and optimize your website. Get up to speed with the help of our automotive digital marketing experts!

Social Media Advertising and Management

Get results with targeted social media advertising. Enjoy new leads and increased sales — for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing — while integrating directly into your CRM for quick follow-up. Put your ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to generate interest from your potential customer base.

Social media management is also a perfect way to engage with your customers. Let us help you post stories, regularly update your pages, respond to customer reviews, wish someone a happy birthday and more! Make your company stand out for its approachability and offer a way for current and potential customers to reach out to you, too.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Lead Generation

Our team helps you create website content that pulls in customers who are searching for what you sell. In addition to SEO keywords that help to generate leads, we add product information, pictures and reviews— the data that helps your website users determine that you have exactly what they want. However, we do not send them to the manufacturer’s site, where they can view other retailers’ prices; we keep them on your site.

We can also create custom coupons and post them on your site for the relevant time frame. Do you need new content — for example, news about a model introduction, product updates, upcoming events at your retailer? Let us create new content as the need arises to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

It’s likely that your competitors are running one or more PPC campaigns, so if you’re not conducting one, you are probably losing business to your rivals. While organic search efforts using SEO keywords can help get users to your website, targeted PPC campaigns are a more efficient, cost-effective method of getting good leads that can convert into sales. Let our experts design, implement and manage your next PPC campaign.

Owner Connect Digital Partnership Benefits

Owner Connect recognizes the growing need for automotive digital marketing assistance in today’s retailers. Our support and resources offer the following benefits:

Setup and Management of Custom Campaigns

We encourage retailers to be involved in the setup of their marketing campaigns as a way to gain knowledge and better understand their digital marketing goals, as well as to ensure that they are able to maintain the marketing initiative(s).

Marketing Accounts 100 Percent Retailer Owned

By ensuring retailers maintain 100 percent ownership of their marketing accounts, we are able to guarantee total cost and result transparency.

Vendor Management

Our digital marketing team spends time learning and understanding each retailer’s goals and current digital environment, including website, assets, listings, agency, creative efforts and current digital outreach. When we fully understand the client’s digital environment, we are better able to develop a strong initiative to improve the retailer’s efforts.

Education and Improvement

Through monthly meetings, we are able to evolve and grow with each client — ensuring every step works toward achieving each retailer’s specific goals.

Digital Environment Integration

The goal in implementing an automotive digital marketing strategy is not to uproot and change your current operations, but rather to fit into the current structure. We work with each retailer and its vendors to gauge results and build a system that works with the current operations.

Training Opportunity

Retailers have the option to enroll in digital marketing training to learn about tools and techniques to improve their digital marketing strategy in areas such as AdWords® management, SEO, ad spend and ROI.