BDC Partnerships

BDC Consulting Is the Engine That Powers Success

What Is a Business Development Center (BDC)?

A BDC is more than a call center or lead management team. A true BDC is tasked with creating new sales and service opportunities for the retailer. At Owner Connect, we believe that the best way to help your sales and service departments achieve their goals is through daily lead cultivation, active prospecting and opportunity development.

The objective of your BDC should be to put your retailer front and center in the minds of your current and potential customers. In addition to reaching out, an effective BDC builds trust and solves problems. It takes a lot of specialized automotive BDC training to do that, and that’s what you get when you partner with Owner Connect.

How To Know Your BDC Needs Attention?

Is your BDC focused more on lead management and outbound customer service calls than on developing new business? Then it’s time to shift gears. An effective business development center should contribute 30 percent or more of the retailer’s monthly sales volume through not only proper handling of hot leads, but also via lead development from referral generation, past leads, incidental contacts and service-to-sales opportunities.

Why Is the Owner Connect Approach Different?

We stand apart from our competition when it comes to both prospecting and our ability to customize. Owner Connect goes beyond the typical BDC that focuses on the management and conversion of existing leads — we train BDC personnel to increase lead volume by asking customers for referrals as well as prospecting for new business.

As a smaller “boutique” firm, we are able to truly tailor programs to each client. You get exactly the service you want at a price you can afford. Plus, as a smaller firm, we provide more personalized service than the larger companies. At Owner Connect, you’ll never get lost in the shuffle!

What Do You Get from Our BDC Approach?

The Owner Connect BDC Partnership is an innovative strategy that leads to the right business development culture for your unique retailer. When you work with us, you get:

  • Daily performance monitoring
  • Weekly virtual training sessions
  • Strong focus on self-generated lead sources
  • Employee recruitment
  • Retailer department training
  • Partnership with shared vision and accountability
  • Flexible pricing model

Owner Connect BDC Principles

We structure BDC partnerships to improve conversion, customer satisfaction and retailer profitability:

  • BDC contribution impact
  • Part-time staff
  • Sales and services support
  • Hourly performance reporting
  • Daily coaching and training
  • Referral generation as part of every conversation

Why Work with Owner Connect?

The Performance Partnership Program by Owner Connect is an innovative strategy aimed at building the right BDC culture for your retailer. We believe in being your partner — not a vendor. Owner Connect shares accountability in making this investment a success for your organization.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in serving the automotive sector, Owner Connect is among the most qualified automotive BDC companies in the industry today. Let us show you how we will leverage that experience to build the best BDC operation for your retailer.