Outsource Your BDC

Don’t Rely on Your Sales Staff to Generate Traffic

Why Outsource Your BDC Operation?

Many dealerships create their own business development centers (BDC), but they are not always successful when it comes to staffing retention, management expertise and results. Some of the reasons dealers cite for building their own BDC operations include: maintaining control over hiring and performance of BDC personnel; the ease of daily, on-site collaboration with other departments; and the ability to control compensation, incentives and bonuses.

If not managed and operated correctly, however, an in-house center can result in a BDC that is far more expensive than it is profitable. In fact, a lot of our clients come to us after trying and failing to implement a successful, efficient BDC. Why not outsource your BDC from the start and ensure that it’s done correctly the first time?

Here are a few good reasons for outsourcing your BDC operations:

Reduce Your Financial Commitment

Outsourcing saves you money on overhead, including the costs of recruiting and training, purchasing technology and equipment, and furnishing a room.

Eliminate Your BDC Employee Overhead

Outsourcing lets you eliminate the bulk of the costs associated with employee recruitment, training and development, and retaining personnel.

Let a Professional Team Manage Your BDC

You need experienced, knowledgeable professionals to get your dealership on board, train the team, and oversee processes and performance.

Save a Significant Amount of Time

You don’t have to prepare a room, train staff, develop procedures and adjust your current operations to incorporate a new department and process.

How Does an Owner Connect Outsourced BDC Work?

When you partner with us, your dealership is assigned a dedicated phone team that is managed and trained in our Chicago office specifically to be your BDC. You receive daily performance recaps and get access to call recordings. Pricing models are designed to fit your dealership’s goals.

Why Outsource Your BDC to Owner Connect?

Our outsourced BDC solution guarantees that your calls are handled the Owner Connect way — with guaranteed referral generation and appointment generation for both your service drive and your sales floor.

You also enjoy access to our:

BDC Expertise

Founded by BDC expert, Joni Stuker-Brown, Owner Connect was established to provide dealers with a proven phone support process to ensure leads are not only managed but also developed. Since then, we have partnered with dealerships across the United States and Canada to provide them with a process that renders consistent, month-over-month growth.

Dedicated Call Team

Many times, the most difficult aspects of maintaining an in-house BDC are cost and accountability. Owner Connect assigns a call team that is directly responsible for contacting your assigned leads. The size of your team depends on the number of leads we will be expected to handle.

Prospecting Focus

While business development departments were originally created to bring in traffic and develop new leads, for many dealerships, BDC has become a department that merely manages leads and handles follow-ups. Our approach places a strong emphasis on prospecting and referral generation. With an average of 70 percent of referral appointments buying, our partners experience an average growth rate of 20 percent.

Hourly Performance Reporting

When you outsource your BDC, we understand that transparency is vital. Owner Connect’s online performance-tracking boards provide you with access to hourly dials, contacts, appointments and referrals — taking the gray area out of evaluating results.

Customized Pricing Model

Every dealership is different. For this reason, we provide you with the option to choose a performance-based pricing model or pay a flat fee for service.

Don’t rely on your sales floor to generate traffic. Contact us for a free quote today.