On-Site BDC Training

Automotive BDC Training and Dealership Recruitment Services

Owner Connect BDC Partnerships

When you choose Owner Connect to help strengthen your automotive BDC training and staffing, your dealership will have all the tools it needs to maximize lead conversion while creating and maintaining fruitful, long-lasting relationships with your customers. We create successful on-site BDC teams by customizing them to fit each dealership’s unique culture, size and desired impact.

Every BDC partnership includes the following services to maximize dealer return on investment:

  • On-site visitation (2 – 4 days per month) for hands-on BDC training, dealership training, employee evaluation, and performance management and improvement
  • Weekly virtual performance monitoring and lead cultivation
  • Job ad placement, resume screening and interviewing throughout our partnership
  • Access to all Owner Connect BDC training materials, scripts and lead management guides
  • Enrollment in live BDC training, virtual BDC training and BDC coaching sessions
  • Free access to all Owner Connect BDC workshops, BDC seminars and BDC 20 groups

We consider each dealer’s budget when setting up a successful BDC partnership. Our pricing models include all services listed above and are based on the size of the proposed project.

On-Site Training and Support from Owner Connect

As an Owner Connect Partner, you will receive support in numerous ways, including on-site visits. The content and focus of these visits are tailored to your dealership’s specific needs.

On-site visits provide the opportunity for us to:

  • Ensure all recommended scripting and processes are being followed
  • Facilitate additional training and performance coaching on daily tasks and processes
  • Assess your BDC staffing needs
  • Coordinate meetings with leadership teams
  • Train new staff members
  • Reinforce best practices with the BDC manager and call agents
  • Manage goal-setting and one-on-ones with all BDC team members

Automotive Dealership Employee Recruitment

Having a great plan and dedicated resources are critical components for building a great organization, but without the right people to manage and execute your plan, your dealership is unlikely to achieve sustained success. That’s why we offer automotive employee recruitment services.

Through our many years of automotive consulting experience, Owner Connect has developed an extensive network to identify, recruit and hire talented individuals to join your dealership. The process for hiring new employees can be exhausting, time-consuming and expensive. But it does not have to be this way. Using our established process, network and industry connections, your dealership will find the next great candidate in less time and at a fraction of the investment.

Our Employee Staffing Program

Employee Staffing is an option available to partners on a project basis, and is also offered to clients who choose to partner with Owner Connect for BDC projects. With our service, executive and automotive sales recruiters utilize a combination of personality assessments (emphasizing coachability, accountability and loyalty) and prior work experience to target ideal candidates for your next job opening.

Types of Employees We Recruit

  • Dealership executives
  • Automotive financial service professionals
  • Automotive sales professionals
  • Automotive service executives
  • BDC personnel
  • Dealership administrators

Our Employee Recruitment Tasks

  • Write position description, confirm responsibilities and place ads
  • Finalize compensation and benefit opportunities
  • Verify project duration and time frame expectation
  • Screen resumes and conduct phone interviews of candidates
  • Hold weekly review sessions and candidate interviews until placement
  • Conduct new employee onboarding and orientation