Outsource the BDC: a new direction for your dealership

April 30, 2019

Let’s face it – maintaining an organized, productive BDC within a dealership is both expensive and complicated. The reality of finding quality team members, training them, managing their performance and getting them to partner with your Sales & Service staff leaves many wondering if the “BDC is worth the headache?” Well, we believe it is but how you structure the BDC does not have to rely on your team alone, you can outsource it! 

Ahh the magic word…”outsource”. For a long time that word has had a negative meaning for many of us but it really should not. On average, our Dealer Partners report that to maintain their current BDC operation, they must budget a range of $10,000 to $20,000. This is quite the expense for a service that requires so much heavy lifting. 

Enter the solution….outsource your BDC to Owner Connect. Why should Dealer Partners consider moving their operations to our team in Illinois? 

  • Less Expensive – the average BDC partnership for Owner Connect ranges between $3,000 to $5000 based on store size 
  • 24/7 Coverage – our BDC operations are able to be customized to cover all hours of the day and week 
  • Sales & Services – we are blended to cover every available opportunity 
  • We are the Experts – many dealer groups use our training team to educate their Sales & Service staff, why not the same for BDC

Is the Outsourced BDC operation good for every store – of course not. We tell dealers, if you have good people and good process and you are happy with the results…stay with it. But if you look at your bottom line and think there is a different way to approach customers, to manage your leads and control profitability then outsourcing to Owner Connect is a great opportunity. 

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