How We Help

Driven to Increasing Dealer Profitability

Supporting Your Dealership Growth Plan

Founded by Joni Stuker-Davis in 1992, Owner Connect is dedicated to partnering with automotive retailers to help them increase profits. Our dynamic team of professionals provides a range of services that aid in improving dealership performance, customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency.

Our Services Help Power Your Dealership

When you work with us, you gain access to superior services and technology geared to helping you meet the challenges of today’s automotive industry.

  • BDC partnerships encourage your entire operation to contribute to business development, rather than one particular department.
  • Employee recruitment services take the heavy lifting out of dealership staffing by having us source, screen and interview potential employees.
  • Training and education sessions are offered on-site, virtually or at our suburban Chicago office to increase your employees’ knowledge and performance.
  • Digital marketing partnerships help dealership personnel effectively manage their digital spend while improving efficiency and increasing sales.

Whether you’re most interested in cost, value or results, you get all three when you work with Owner Connect. Explore our services and select the ones that best support your dealership plan. We look forward to helping you improve your organization’s outcomes and maximize your efficiency.